October 22, 2011

.big win over Royal!.

Last night we travelled to Royal for our big rivalry football game. This game draws a HUGE crowd on both sides of the field and some good football was played. There were times when the calls were one-sided and times when the teams got a little rough with each other, but overall it was a darn good game!

The first half was real similar to our state championship game from last year – we get a TD, they get a TD, we get a TD, they get a TD. By halftime it was tied. Sometime in the 3rd quarter, we pulled ahead and ended up winning 49-28! YES!

Apparently, this win actually puts us in the harder bracket for post-season, but as Jennifer said last night, “You have to beat the best to be the best.”

We were so excited about the game that we didn’t take any pictures of the cheerleaders – but Melissa got this picture of the two of us!


Next week is Senior Night – already! I can’t believe it! The game is against Riverview and it’s also the Cheer Clinic!

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Countrylivn' said...

Ah, I wish I could bring my little girls to your cheer clinic. we didnt even have one this year, I guess when I dont volunteer it doesnt happen :( I cant wait to see pics of all the cute mini cheerleaders!