October 1, 2011

.breaking records and taking names.

Friday night lights were on in Connell last night as the Eagles took on the Columbia Burbank Coyotes. We knew going into the that it wouldn’t be to exciting. The cheerleaders practiced different ways to change up the fight song (which is played after every touchdown) so that it didn’t get boring. :) We’re so spoiled by our great team!

We won 55-7. The exciting part of the game was that Matt Hadley broke two records in one touchdown. I had read in the newspaper yesterday that he was 5 touchdowns away from breaking Kirby Moore’s state record of 99 career touchdowns. Kirby Moore is a local football celeb from Prosser who’s now playing for Boise State. I saw an article online this week predicting that he might be Peyton Manning’s successor in the NFL. Pretty cool. So, when Matt made his 6th touchdown of the game, he broke Kirby’s state record and (according to Evan, the announcer) he also broke a school record of making 6 touchdowns in one game by a runningback. What a night!

Even though there was all that excitement in the actual game, as you know, we were really just watching the cheerleaders!

They had a dance prepared for half time and were pretty excited about it.

IMG_0815  IMG_0817   

We talked them into bringing crowd members out to cheer with them for the “Ola Ola Ay” cheer – it looked like they were having a great time!


They rocked their dance! The video Karlye took for me is pretty far away and hard to see (she did the best she could using my iPhone!). Melissa said one of the moms recorded it, so hopefully we can get a copy.


Madi and her bases did a cool new “ball back” stunt into an extension…


…reload into another extension.
That’s right. :)


Oops – just missed this great toe touch basket toss from Kayla!


This basket toss, reload into an extension had a hard time getting up to an extension but no problem….no one else knew what was supposed to happen at the end!

IMG_0831   IMG_0834      

2 bits! Everyone!


Shoulder stands for Eagle Power!


The girls did the cups in the fence again for the game. I love it!!
We got great responses from the crowd…I think it’s a keeper!

photo 3 

Who knows what we’ll spell for the next game!

photo 4

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