October 23, 2011

.celebrating my Mom.

Warning: Lots of pictures ahead!!

Yesterday was my Mom’s 59th birthday! To celebrate, Melissa organized a fun day doing something Mom has wanted to do for a LONG time! Melissa rented a limo bus, invited a bunch of girls, and we went wine tasting in the Ki-Be area. It was a fun day and I think Mom really enjoyed it!

Melissa did a great job planning everything  - great friends, good snacks, and lots of laughing!

Melissa and Karlye at our first stop – Terra Blanca.


Amy Kleinbach and I


Melissa and Tiffany Schneider


Melissa and I


Amy and Melissa


Our group in front of the beautiful scenery at Terra Blanca.

IMG_0978  IMG_0980    IMG_0984 

The birthday girl and her momma


Our next stop was Kiona Winery.


Tiffany is checking out the beautiful view!


Mom & I


The Koch girls with Grandma Marcial


It was a little windy…


I had no idea grape vines turned these beautiful colors!


Melissa, Tiffany, and Jamie Smith


Amy and Mom


The limo bus! It was awesome!!



Grandma and Karlye


Mom and Aunt Kim


Our group in front of the bus – minus Grandma, who’d already gotten in the car. It was too windy!


These are at Terra Blanca too -

Tiffany, Amy, and Mom


Mom, Grandma, and I


Kim and Karlye


Melissa, Mom, Grandma, and I


These are at the last winery  we went to – Fidelitas

They were having a member Harvest Party – so there were tons of people there…a very fun atmosphere. There was a garage door that opened onto a patio with a beautiful view.

Mom, Amy, Jamie, and Tiffany


The Jo’s!


Melissa and Amy


Jamie and Mom


After the tour, we met the guys and Aunt Vicky at Cedars for dinner.

   Travis and Jamie


Karlye and Amy


Mark and Karlye


The birthday girl!


After dinner, Mom, Amy, and I (Dad waited in the car) went to Craft Warehouse to take advantage of their Moonlight Madness sale (of course!).
I think Mom had a great day. I am so thankful that we could celebrate another birthday with her! Hoping to celebrate BIG time next year – this was just a practice round!!

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The Wieselers said...

What a pretty picture of you three ladies in front of the grape vines!! So good to see you Sunday- lets sew together soon!