October 10, 2011

.ROADtrip to Kelso!.

Kate, Kamryn, and I  roadtripped to Kelso this past weekend to visit Chris, Candace, Delt, and Libby Clark. It was a long trip, but so good to spend the weekend with them and see where their new home is.

We stayed up too late talking both nights we were there (1-1:30AM!!!) so we were pretty lazy in the mornings, which was so nice! We drank coffee, watched the kids play, and talked some more! Candace took us on a driving tour of Longview and Kelso. I’d never been in that area before so it was great to get to see it!

We went to Vancouver on Saturday evening to Costco! Just for Kate. :)

Candace didn’t have to twist our arm any to go to Costco, but when she said handmade gelato, we were on our way!! It was delicious!


These girls had a great time playing. Kamryn kept crouching down to Libby and holding her chin to give her kisses. Like Libby is so much smaller than Kamryn is – 1 whole month younger!!

 IMG_1046 IMG_1048

We didn’t see much of Delt. He played Angry Birds on my phone most of the time. He’s loving kindergarten and hopefully he can read to us the next time we see him!


This is Chris’ new school – Huntington Middle School. It sounds like the adjustment has been tough, but hopefully he’s on the upward swing.


I took this picture just for Esther. Look at all those recycling bins!


Thanks so much for the hospitality, Chris and Candace. Hope it’s not too long before we get to see you again!

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