October 31, 2011

.happy halloween!.

Whew! What a busy day! I dressed up for work today as Emma Pillsbury, the guidance counselor on “Glee.” I thought the students at school would recognize who I was right away, but no such luck. Hardly anyone dressed up at school – students OR staff! To keep in character, I stood in the hallway in between classes wearing yellow gloves and offering everyone hand sanitizer. I thought it was fun!

For cheer practice, Melissa dressed as Sue Sylvestor, cheer coach on Glee. I think our cheerleaders think we’re freaks. :)


At home, we had the trio of pirates to greet the Trick-or-Treaters. They were a hit!


 halloween2 (5)

Aunt Melissa found this costume for Samson. He took care of business as Sheriff Woody tonight! The hat didn’t last long, in case you were wondering!

halloween2 (4)

halloween2 (3)

Kamryn the cow stopped by for some treats. She was loving the candy part of Halloween!

Mom gave her some bubbles in her little trick-or-treat basket.

IMG_1174 IMG_1175 



Samson trying to hide under Mom’s pirate sleeves!


Kamryn was “moo”-ing for us in between mouthfuls of candy corn!



Showing off her jumping talents!
”The cow jumped over the moon!”



And, we got in some piggie time. I love playing “this little piggie” with Kamryn. She loves piggies and always signs “more!”

halloween1 (5)

So glad Nick, Kate, and Kamryn could stop by for a little bit. I miss them when we don’t see each other for a few days!

My cousin Lisa shared these pictures of her sweet girls dressed up for Halloween!
Frances is Dora the Explorer and Louise is Boots the monkey. TOO CUTE!

halloween2 (1)

halloween1 (1)

 halloween1 (2)        

We didn’t have too many trick-or-treaters here at the house. Mom, Grandma, Karlye, Melissa, and I had lots of fun hanging out together while we waited for people to come.
Now it’s time for the candy hangover and Halloween detox. Karlye, Melissa, and I *may* be hitting the Halloween clearance sales tomorrow to stock for next year! :)


Jessica said...

Somehow I have been missing your blog updates on when I headed to your blog today I has some catching up to do. I love the dora and boots pics!! Maybe next year for my two YA WHOS. I also love the cups onthe fence...i miss cheer girls!!!

Jessica said...

oh and your costume are dumb!!