October 10, 2011

.homecoming, day 1.

Today was the first day of Homecoming week. The theme is “Around the World in 4 Days.” There was a lot of excitement today – hall decorating contest, announcement of royalty, the first round of the Mr. CHS competition, and fun dress up costumes!

I’m an advisor for the sophomore class this year – and they did awesome on their hall decorations! Their theme was Central and South America. They had a big cruise ship, a jungle with a volcano, and a pirate area. So cool!

This is from the front door of the high school.


And down toward the sophomore/junior hall.


The pirate area – the pirates are Jennifer, Jessica, and Jan!


This is the cruise ship – it turned out so cute! It had these portholes with classmates’ pictures!


These pirates faces are the teachers!


Kaitlynn and Carly are two of the class officers who put in a lot of time and energy for the sophomore hall!


This is a little bit of the freshman hall. Their country to decorate was Austrailia, which was a little difficult, I’d think. Plus they have a HUGE hall and usually not too many helpers.


The seniors had Africa and they had these cute animals outside greeting everyone.



I liked this – the back end of a jeep. They decorated like a safari and did a great job!

 IMG_0855 IMG_0856    

The juniors had Antarctica. I liked what they did with the white and light blue.

IMG_0861 IMG_0862

This was a cute idea with snowballs spelling out Antarctica.


The judging was done this morning and the winners announced during the assembly. The sophomores came out on top, followed by the seniors, then juniors, then freshman.

My favorite part of today was seeing the costumes and everyone having fun dressed up. Today’s theme was “Back in Time in the U.S.A.”

The afro boys


Brittney, Carly, and Katlyn – a mix of 50’s and 80’s!


Hayleigh and Ashton


Kirston, Kyra, and McKenna


The cheerleaders led the school in the fight song and a class cheer.

 IMG_0869 IMG_0870  

Mrs. Olsen and I were called down as the best dressed for the staff! How fun!


Tried getting all the cheerleaders together for a picture after the assembly – but looks like a few were anxious to get to lunch. :)



Found some others before practice…


There were lots of cute poodle skirts around!



OH wow Jeff…. :)

Kayla wanted to try on my Lucy wig. I think she makes a cute Lucy. Maybe she should borrow it next year! :)


It was a fun first day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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MightyWife said...

how fun!!! brings back a lot of memories!!! :o)