October 6, 2011

.this week.

It’s been “just another week” full of randomness…

Melissa bought this purple and black fleece and gold blanket binding to make a football blanket. I agreed to sew it for her – which seemed easier than it actually was. I’d never sewn with the satin baby blanket binding before…and let’s just say, I probably will never use it again. YUCK!

So, the blanket didn’t turn out as nice as I would’ve liked it, but Melissa is trying to convince me that it’s fine!

photo 1

She traced these footballs onto the fleece and then I sewed over the trace lines.

 photo 2

Hopefully it will keep her warm and cozy at the games!

 photo 3

At cheer practice the past few days, we’ve been talking about Homecoming costumes. I brought my loot of 80s accessories today and Sommer tried on every single one of them. Lookin’ mighty fine! :)

 photo 4

I cringed inside when I had to explain to them who “I Love Lucy” was and Violet from Saved by the Bell. Really?! Then, to get asked, “Why do you still watch those old shows?” I don’t regularly watch them now – but that’s what I grew up with!  These girls have been on a roll this week. Earlier one of them asked me if Arizona was by Mexico or Washington DC. Then, when she saw a map and asked all the other girls if they knew Washington DC was “all the way across the world?!” O.M.G.

 photo 5

Today, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, and every other form of media was blowing up with news of Steve Jobs’ passing and tributes to him. The world lost a really great mind yesterday. He changed our world in the form of technology and media. Every time I picked up my iPhone today, I thought about the man that urged us to “Think Different.” Such a huge loss to our world.


This is a screen shot from my Twitter feed today…

photo 2

I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow for a few weeks now…

this little cutie pie,

 photo 1

  her momma, and I are road tripping to Kelso, WA to visit Chris and Candace Clark, Delt & Libby. I can’t wait!

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