October 16, 2011

.homecoming game vs. Wahluke.

The cheerleaders did great at the Homecoming game – as usual! :) It makes me proud to watch them! I just wish that the crowd realized how hard they work every week…they make it look so easy!

Here’s our cup message this week! One student told me on Friday that this was the best idea the cheerleaders have ever had. haha!!

photo 1

Our group -
Selena, Sommer, Kayla, Kirston, Allyson, Madison, Vanessa, and Carly 

photo 2

They performed the same dance they did at the assembly on Thursday – and they did an awesome job! I really liked this dance…but can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

The boys won….55-0. Not much of a game. It didn’t really feel like Homecoming, except for the fact that I was exhausted after the busy week.

I chaperoned the Homecoming dance on Saturday night. It was fun to see the students dressed up and having fun. They were relaxed and enjoying themselves – such a different pace than school days when everyone is busy and running around like crazy. It was nice to see them just having a good time together.

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