June 15, 2011

.office party.

We had an end of the year office party tonight at Hunter’s Pond in Eltopia. Not only was it our end of the year party, it was also Chris’ going away party. I’m still trying to not think about Clark’s moving and I’m especially trying to not think about not getting work with Chris anymore, so I’m not going to say any goodbyes yet.

Hunter’s Pond is a fun place to hang out. I’m not a real outdoorsy, rustic kind of gal, but Hunter’s Pond is pretty fun.

The boys did some fishing off the dock…

 photo 1

While others just watched and shot the breeze…

 photo 2

The kids took the boat out. It took a few tries before they got going in the right direction!

 photo 3

 photo 4

Chris said a few words…still trying not to think about it!

 photo 5

We sat around the campfire and teased the Peterson’s about their 4 week long cross country RV trip they’re leaving on in two weeks. :) It’s a hot topic right now!

 1 (1)

And finally, we had the 1st annual ceremonial STAT card burning. haha

1 (3)

We all in the office have a love hate relationship with these green cards – and the main office gals even more than me!

 1 (5)

I texted Kate & Ali to let them know it’d been done (they were the biggest players in the STAT card organization this year). Ali said, “Ahh I love this!! LOL I did just feel an unexplainable rush of peace not too long ago! ;) haha they sure do make a wonderful fire!”

 1 (2)

Kate’s response: “Noooo! And I wasn’t there!!! :( I’ve been dreaming of that day since September!” I responded, “I know! It just didn’t seem right without you guys!”

Kate: “Well I’m glad it was done, but I hope it was done properly and thoroughly. Well over 100 hours of my life was spent sorting and counting those very cards in a most particular fashion. Anything less than the best just wouldn’t be appropriate.”

1 (4)

So long STAT cards.

No goodbyes yet, Clark. :)

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