June 15, 2011

.goodbye Connell Elementary.

On June 10th, the building that has been home to Connell Elementary for the past 60+ years said goodbye to the elementary kids for the last time. The new Connell Elementary is set to open it’s doors in August.



My Mom went around the school taking pictures of it after everything was packed up. This is the building where she went to elementary school as did Melissa & I (and Mark, Doug, Karlye, & Amber).


This was Mom’s corner of Portable 3 where she taught her reading groups.


More shots of Portable 3…


P6141373 P6141374

This was the kindergarten classroom. I was in Mrs. Coghill’s Kindergarten class in this room!


This was Melissa’s classroom. When I was in school, it was Mr. Winkle’s classroom.


I think this was most recently Robin Smith’s classroom. I was in Mrs. Daggett’s 2nd grade class in this room. My Mom was in Miss McKinney’s 1st grade class in this room.

P6141382 P6141383

My Mom said she took this picture because she lost a lot of teeth in this sink!


I’ve never seen the hallway this empty!


Wondered where all the STUFF goes before it can be moved into the new elementary?

That is a lot of stuff!

P6141391 P6141392  

At this point, the teachers are supposed to be able to move in to their new classrooms beginning on August 15th. The jr high will be moving into the former CE for the 2011-2012 school year while the jr high is completely remodeled. Lots of exciting things happening around the North Franklin School District!  

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