June 9, 2011

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This evening I headed out to the basin to Bart & Susan Hawkins’ home. The drive there, especially this time of the year, is just beautiful. As you come over the hill on Wahluke Road and get the first glimpse of the Rowley/Hawkins farm, it’s the most beautiful sight! I had to slow down and take a picture!

photo 1

This is the view from their back porch. Can’t get much prettier than that!

photo 2

Hawkins’ have an appreciation BBQ every June for their kids’ teachers, administrators, coaches, and church leaders. It is the coolest tradition and it is always a really fun time. Their yard is like a park for kids with a trampoline, swings, slides, a badmitton net, a volleyball net, see saws, and other playground toys. The kids all have so much fun and the adults have a great time gabbing.

I think I missed this part tonight, but usually my favorite part is before the meal, everyone stands in a circle and the Hawkins’ kids introduce their guests. I’ve gone each year since I’ve worked at CHS – while I’ve been there, three Hawkins’ kids have graduated (Julie, Aaron, & Alan) and next year two will be in high school (MarciAnne & Jessica). I just love this family and the way they raise their kids.

Thanks Bart & Susan and kids for another fun evening. You are gracious hosts and provide a really fun time!


Jessica said...

They are the greatest people I know. Em went to the farmers market with gramma M and they were telling me about the nice people they met. Then Em showed me her special juice from them...yep it was the rowleys and hawkins. Have a great last day of school (with kids). Love ya. jess

Countrylivn' said...