June 21, 2011

. first day of summer! .


Today is the first day of summer and boy did it feel like it here! The temperature supposedly got to about 86 degrees. It felt like summer!

We have cheer camp going on around here, Monday through Wednesday this week. It’s always fun to see the girls bond as squads, the older girls mentoring the younger girls, and everyone having a fun time. They have learned 3 new dances, 3 new cheers, and some new stunts too! They’re already pretty excited to show off their new tricks in the fall!

I just love Sommer’s expression in this picture! That is pure joy and a feeling of accomplishment!! They had just stuck a complicated stunt!

photo 4

Here’s our 2011-2012 CHS Cheer Squad. They are rock stars!

 photo 5 

In other exciting news today, my 2nd cousin & his wife welcomed their new baby girl to their family! So far in that generation of Heiders it’s all girls (Frances, Louise, & now Alaina)! Congratulations Jason & Andee! I can’t wait to meet Alaina Hauoli!

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