June 12, 2011

.back in black.

After some reluctance on my part (I administered & proctored the ACT exam at CHS that morning and thought I’d be exhausted!), I decided to go to the Lind Combine Demolition Derby with Candace and meet Nick, Kate, & Chris there. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at the demo derby! We got to be in the pits with the Johnson crew. It was fun to hang out under the tent and visit with the Baumann’s and Johnson’s. Kate, Candace, & I walked back and forth between the beer garden and the pit so we could watch Nick’s heats. It was fun to run into old friends and get the customary snow cone!
Candace and I sat in the stands with my parents in the beer garden for the final heat. We had a great time cheering on Nick & his Back in Black combine. Our cheering must’ve been the trick because Nick tied for 1st place overall! SO exciting!
Nick & Brian celebrating! It was fun to spend some time with Brian and Megan. The more I’m around Megan, the more I enjoy her. She fits in so well with the Baumann clan!
Karen snapped this picture of Candace, Kate, & I. I love it!
The pit crew, family, & friends went out to Nick & Kate’s house afterwards for a bonfire and celebration. I got to pick up Kamryn from Gramma Debbie’s and spend some time with her. I love snuggle time with her!
So glad I decided to go to the derby! What a fun time!

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