June 22, 2011

.cheer camp.

The girls made great progress today and completed their cheer/dance/stunt combo for the 1st Day of School and Eagles Nest BBQ. I think it’s going to be great!

They worked so hard today to get everything counted out just right. I’m so proud of them – especially when they work hard!


Here’s a shot of Chandra, our UCA instructor leading the girls in the dance.


We were so glad to get to be in the New Gym this year – not as hot as the Student Center!!


The girls got some sweet stunts down, including this arabesque with Kirston flying.


They also got a basket toss, extension lib, heel stretch, full down, somersault cradle reload to an extension and more. (Those are for you, Jess!)

This is the end stunt in the 1st day of school routine. Look at those freshman girls in the limelight!

Madison, Kirston, & Chelsea


I’m glad cheer camp is over (now my summer can really start!) – even more glad that they learned a lot and had fun too. I’m looking forward to football season starting in August!

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Jessica said...

kick guys rock. i cannot wait to come and watch those guys show off next year. with stunts like that they should look into a competition. just so i can come watch;) they must have good coaches or something!!!