June 27, 2010

...we're in Vegas! {monday}...

We're back from Vegas! We had an awesome time! I came back with a slightly lighter wallet, while others in my "party" came back with wallets slightly to largely heavier. :) Oh well, it was fun!

I have a lot of pictures and stories to share, so I'm going to break it up by days so it's not so overwhelming!

We left from Pasco around 7:30pm...(side note: I love how light it is at 8pm these days!)

...and arrived in Las Vegas around 9:30pm.

We navigated through the LAS airport,

took a shuttle, and arrived at our hotel (Polo Towers) and met up with my cousin Lisa who'd arrived the day prior. Mom was ready to party, so we went out to the Planet Hollywood casino, which was the closest one to our hotel. We went to dinner at the Planet Dailies.

Then, we tried our hand at some slot machines. Not such a lucky night.

We went to bed at 3am! AH! We're here! Let the party begin!

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