June 14, 2010

...happy birthday to Samdawg!...

Happy Birthday dear Samdawg!

Today Samson turns 4 (human) years old!

Samson understands a lot of words and phrases - but only acts like he understands a few!
He knows and responds to:
  • Samson
  • give me kisses
  • sit
  • scoot over
  • come here...come here Samson...COME HERE!
  • "Do You Wanna Go...." (outside, in the car, etc.)
  • Go to Bed
  • get a toy!
  • No!
  • "treat"
  • "Papa"
  • "Coco" - as in "Where's Coco?!"
  • c'mon
That's all I can think of now, but it seems like he knows a lot!

The other thing that cracks me up is that he likes to sleep under one of our chairs in the living room. He has to belly crawl to get under it and it looks pretty uncomfortable to get out. Usually the only way you can tell he's under there is his nose is barely sticking out. Today when I came home, I thought he was outside, but then I looked at the floor and there was his nose! So funny!

The other thing I think is cute is that he stands in the window and watches us (or anyone) drive into the driveway. He's a one-dog welcoming committee!

We've been spending a lot of quality time together lately! He loves to go behind the fence into the cheat grass. He comes in at least once a day FULL of cheat grass. It takes 20-30 minutes to painstakingly pull each piece out of his hair. He hates it and so do I.

He got a special treat and a new toy for his birthday. Now he's sleeping peacefully on a pillow on the couch. Oh the life.

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Lil' Miss Handy Pants said...

you forgot to mention that he is the cutest darn doggy in the whole world. WHOLE WORLD!!!!