June 1, 2010


Melissa has started researching how to achieve her dream of teaching dance lessons and opening a dance studio. I think it's in her blood because my Dad's aunt and cousins own and operate a hugely successful dance studio in Minnesota.

Well, this afternoon she was looking around online and found an amazing article about my Dad's cousin Michele. We did not know that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2008. The article Melissa found (HERE) from the hometown newspaper in Minnesota describes Michele's friendship with "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographer Tyce Diorio - and describes how she was the inspiration for Tyce's amazing dance last summer! Wow!

I remember watching this dance when it first aired on SYTYCD and thinking what an amazing, moving piece it was. Now, we find out it was choreographed as a tribute to my Dad's cousin!

Here's a the link to the YouTube video of the dance: Melissa and Ade's Dance.

Here's a link to another article I found: Another Article.

We watched the video of the dance again tonight and it's absolutely moving. And means so much more now! I just had to share....


Mikaela said...

That is crazy that that dance was inspired by one of your family members. That is AWESOME! I remember seeing that performed and listening to Tyce and Mia, especially as they got emotional. It was a powerful dance!

Melissa said...

tell your sister there are SOOOOO many little girls that would like to have dance lessons right in Connell! There is nothing here for dance!