June 5, 2010

...class of 2010...

Last night, the CHS Class of 2010 graduated!
They are a great group and I will miss having them around the school!!
"To Infinity...and Beyond!"

These students were just freshman when I started working at CHS, so we embarked on this journey together! I also had a freshman CAPS class that first year, so I became quite close with a handful of these students.

I'm so proud of these students. There is so much on the horizon for them...I can't wait to see where life leads them!

Mr. Fitzgerald was their class speaker and fittingly, played a song for them. He was a hit!
And - a great picture of Courtney and her honor cords tied in a bow. She's an original!!

This picture is of Drew Jenks receiving the Principals Award. He is so deserving of this award - so proud of him!

This year, the administration decided to give the graduates silly string and beach balls so that they would be used at the appropriate times. In the past, the graduates have smuggled the "contraband" into the ceremony. They've been distracted by the beach balls and silly string during the speeches and awards and appears very disrespectful. Last night, the graduates were given a can of silly string as they exited the stage after receiving their diploma. I think it worked out quite well and so hopefully that will continue to work!

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