June 27, 2010

...lucky wednesday...

We decided to get tickets for The Price Is Right on Wednesday. After spending some time by the pool on Wednesday morning (8am is the ONLY time I would sit by the pool in Vegas! The rest of the day, I'd have to be IN it!), I went down the street to stand in line for 1/2 price tickets.

We headed straight for Bally's to get registered for the show (which was at 2:30pm). We got our official Price is Right nametags:
and our official Price is Right picture. (not a great picture of ANY of us! We were still laughing/in shock that the lady in line in front of us fell into the green screen!)

While we were waiting, Grandma played the big big big slot machine...and of course, won $60!

Here we are! Ready to go into the theater!

I was excited to go to the show, but not to excited about the possibility of being randomly drawn to go on stage! There weren't that many people in the theater, so the possibility was fairly great.
I even suggested that we all give our nametags to Melissa in case one of us called since she wanted to go SO BAD.
Imagine my surprise when my name was the 4th name called for the first group on Contestant Row! The item up for bids was a silver boombox/CD player. I did some quick math in my head (the price I thought it was, jacked up a percentage, but then lowered the price so I wouldn't go over) - I bid $160. The actual retail price was $175 - I was closest to the actual retail price without going over!
I went up on stage and small talked with the host. I proudly said I was from Connell, Washington - the host was asking about that "great Italian restaurant there" - to which I replied, "there is none!" We went back and forth like that a few times until the next pricing game was finally ready.
The pricing game I had to play was the one where there are four items and four price tags - you have to match the correct price tags with each item and run back to pull the lever to see how many are correct - in 45 seconds.
My items were a cheap elliptical machine, a bassinette, a snow blower, and a side table that held wine glasses and bottles. The lowest price tag was around $117 and the most expensive was around $507. I put the most expensive price tag on the snow blower and the cheapest one on the bassinette - and the two in between price tags on the other items. I ran back and pulled the lever - 0 right. I was confused then and down to 15 seconds, so I quickly tried to rearrange them, went back and pulled the lever right when the time was up and got 0 right again. How disappointing. I really thought I put them in the correct order the first time, but part of me didn't care too much because I didn't want to win any of those items! Come to find out later, the prizes can be cashed in! DANG!
So - game over - back to my seat. They played a few more pricing games and then it was time to spin the big wheel. They randomly drew names for people to spin the wheel so more people got an opportunity.
And....Lisa's name got called!! The first person spun and went over $1.00. The second person got $.40 so Lisa had a really good chance of winning. On her first spin, she landed on a $1.00! She ended up winning $350!
Lisa and I with our big winnings!
We were ready for a late lunch by then, so we went to Harrah's to Toby Keith's Bar and Grill - Melissa had been there before and really liked it, so she wanted to take us there. It was a fun atmosphere and the food was delicious!
We rode the monorail from Harrah's to the MGM because we wanted to see the lions there. Of course, we were 10-15 minutes LATE!
We took the skywalk to New York, New York...
We went to the Dueling Piano Bar there - so fun! The piano players were great and it was fun to people watch there!
Lisa immediately spotted this girl when she walked in - her name is Gina Glocksen and she was on American Idol, Season 6. She finished in 9th place behind Jordin Sparks. She sang "Don't Stop Believin'" that night - it was awesome. She rocked the house!
Another great day in bed so we can enjoy our last full day!

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Lil' Miss Handy Pants said...

I totally laughed out loud when i read about you going on price is right---I knew you would not want to be the one to go up....and of course Melissa did not get typical of luck:) I am glad you ladies had a blast....still recovering???