April 5, 2012

.what a heart.

This week marks 3 years since my Mom’s heart surgery. The actual date is April 8th – but since it happened on the Wednesday night/early Thursday before Easter…this week is feeling nostalgic. She and I went to Seattle earlier this week for Spring Break and then for her annual appointment with her surgeon, Dr. Mokadam. She had a CAT scan of her heart and aorta, which Dr. Mokadam deemed “normal” with no change. Yay God!! He wants to see her in a year and if everything looks good again, he said she could come every two years.

I made this quilt for her last fall, had it quilted (LOVE the quilting) this winter, and finished the binding a few weeks ago. Since it’s been so stinkin’ windy, I haven’t been able to take a picture of it until now.

It’s a Buggy Barn pattern…


made with Bliss fabrics (Bonnie & Camille)…


pieced by Marcie…


quilted by Susan Johnson.


I love that she quilted a heart in each heart…it puffs up a little bit since it’s not heavily quilted like the rest of the quilt.

Happy Heart Week!

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Jessica said...

Oh my! Love the quilt...sooooo cute:)