April 7, 2012

.super spring break.

I am sad to see my Spring Break winding down…but I have had such a great week, so no complaints!

It started last Friday when I went to the quilt show with Jessica, Amy, Kate, and Emersyn…then dinner with Kate & Amy…and a movie with Kate. Perfect evening!

Saturday was Paige’s baby shower, then Karlye, Amber, Mom, & I went to see “Hunger Games.” Mom and I haven’t read the books, but Karlye and Amber have. The movie was good, but so violent! I watched most of it through my fingers! The costumes in the capital were AMAZING!

Sunday afternoon, Mom & I left for Seattle. First stop: Coach Outlet in North Bend. New purse…come home with us!


We met Melissa, Ryan, and Michelle (Ryan’s Mom) at The Ram in Puyallup for dinner. Mom & I found a hotel and watched the American Country Music Awards.

On Monday morning, we met Melissa and Michelle at Starbucks in Sumner and shopped the little stores along the main street. We made a good dent in one little store that had Brighton, TOMS, Vera Bradley, and SO MUCH MORE! We headed to IKEA from there…Mom and I did lots of looking, measuring, and planning in our heads for the basement/craft room. We have a good list and now will have to go back with the pick up!

Mom & I left Melissa and Michelle and went straight for A Muse, a stamp shop in Green Lake that we frequent each year. On our way to the next stop, we stopped at my favorite Starbucks in the Seattle area. I love the view and the atmosphere. Isn’t it so cute from the outside too!?

pictures (4)

This is the view from there…

pictures (3)

There is a little green space across the street with some benches and trees/shrubs. I love this quote that is on the benches:

pictures (5)pictures (1)photo 1

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it, {it} is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”

 photo 2

 photo 3

We went to West Seattle from there…I’ve been following a little quilt shop on Facebook for a while that is located in West Seattle. We found it without too much trouble and enjoyed looking around.


It was such a BEAUTIFUL day on Alki, that we drove up and down the drive a few times enjoying the view of Eliot Bay and all the people out taking advantage of the weather. We stopped and got some awesome pictures of the Seattle skyline.

 photo 4      IMG_1918 IMG_1919   IMG_1922 

Mom checking Facebook while I took the pictures…she did a great job navigating in Seattle. I’d put the two points into my map app on my phone and then she’d give me the directions. We’re a good team!


We ate at Cactus on Alki…delicious food and a great few of the water. We had THE best Coco-Pina Sangria and homemade guacamole. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

 photo 5

We found a different hotel (where we stayed last year) and headed that direction. Stopped in at Nordstrom Rack on the way!

Tuesday morning, we got our nails done and headed to downtown Seattle to the flagship Nordstrom – one of our favorite spots! We also shopped at Forever 21 and H&M before having lunch at The Cheesecake Factory…and delicious cheesecake, but that goes without saying, right?!

We went to The Quilting Loft in Ballard – a quilt shop we found last year. They just moved to a new, larger location. I fell in love with the baby quilt hanging in there and couldn’t stop looking at it. Luckily, they had the pattern and the fabric, so I’ll get a chance to make it!

We went to the 2 story Target at Northgate and then to the Alderwood Mall. We were ready to drop by then, but made a stop at Lowe’s. We took time to look at paint, carpet, cabinets, and just about everything since we had the time. We were so tired by then, so we grabbed McDonald’s and went back to our room to watch Dancing with the Stars. We’re party animals!

On Wednesday morning, we grabbed Starbucks and went to the UW Medical Center for Mom’s CAT scan. After her scan, we met Melissa at U Village…shopped around, had lunch at Boom (new to us since our FAVORITE Thai restaurant closed!), and then went back to the hospital for Mom’s appt with her surgeon. After her appointment, we headed for home…stopped in North Bend for coffee and snacks and found a quilt shop I’d seen advertised in a brochure. Two thumbs down…not worth the stop!

We must’ve been worn out from the fun time in Seattle because we hardly did anything on Thursday! I caught up on my DVR’d shows and we all took naps. Love days like that too!

I got to hang out with Megan and Abby on Friday. She introduced me to a new store in Kennewick that sells handmade baby clothes, bows, and other paraphernalia – Pipsqueaks. That lucky lady gets to make all the stuff I wish I had time to do! We went to lunch at Frost Me Sweet in Richland – so yummy!

We got to play with Kamryn on Friday afternoon before the Good Friday church service and then I went to dinner with Nick, Kate, Beth, and Kamryn after church.

Saturday: I set up my sewing machine at the kitchen table to make some baby gifts for a shower I’m going to next week. I was getting frustrated that everything I wanted to use is packed away in our basement clean-up job. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to….it’ll have to wait until we get the craft room put back together. BUMMER.
Mom and I made sausage egg casseroles for Easter brunch tomorrow and then went to see Titanic in 3D. I wasn’t that impressed with the 3D version like I’d hoped, but that movie is so stinkin’ awesome….it never gets old!

So – the very detailed version of my Spring Break. It was a great week…hopefully great enough to propel me through until the end of the year!!


Countrylivn' said...

You know how to get it done! I cant believe all the places you can hit in one day! You are super shopper, I need to know your tricks, I am lucky to get through Target in one day, and did I read that right a two story Target.... see I would have spent the whole day there! Fun break, Im glad you had so much fun!

Jessica said...

I think the trick is not eathing 3 meals...right marcie??? :) don't tell Amy...haha!!!