April 24, 2012

.getting my life back.

Ha! You thought this was going to be about moving back into the craft room, right? Nope – not yet!

To distract my thoughts from not being able to be in the craft room, I started reading The Hunger Games. Go ahead and cheer and pump your fists, Amy!

I bought The Hunger Games back in the fall and tried reading it….to no avail. It didn’t interest me at all and I told my English teacher friends that I wasn’t going to give in to their obsession (same story with Harry Potter and Twilight!). This winter and during conferences it seemed that all the teachers at the high school were reading The Hunger Games – even the freshman and Special Ed classes were reading it!

The movie came out and I agreed to go with Karlye, Amber, and my Mom to see what the hype was all about. I liked it well enough – didn’t like the violence, but I liked the story.

So. I decided to give the book another try. I read it in 2 days. TWO days! I finished it on Thursday evening and downloaded Catching Fire that same night and started reading it. I could hardly keep my mind on work on Friday – I even read it during lunch! I finished it on Friday night, well Saturday morning. :)

I downloaded Mockingjay on Sunday and finished it today. That’s it. I’m hooked on The Hunger Games.


With things finally coming together downstairs, it’s perfect timing. Now I can actually go to sleep at a decent hour!


The Wieselers said...

Ha ha!! ( fist pumping!!) please please,please try Harry potter again :)

Jessica said...

They were the same for me. LOVE IT!!! Didn't sleep for a week:) What did you think of book 3???