April 22, 2012

.a day in Portland.

I asked Kate last week if she would be interested in a day trip to IKEA to pick up some shelves for the basement. Of course she was! I had been thinking Seattle, but she had the great idea to go to tax AND we could see Candace! Perfect!

We left around 9am, arrived in Portland around 12:45 after a few stops, and met Candace at IKEA. We had a beautiful drive down the Gorge--no rain and no wind gusts!

We shopped, chatted, laughed, and had lunch at IKEA...
found lots of awesome stuff we couldn't love without!!
Candace found a chair that was just her size!

And Kate did too! Hehe

We found the shelves that started the crazy adventure and loaded them up!

Took a couple of self portraits...

then loaded up our goodies!
We shopped at Home Goods, Ross, and Target before having to say good bye to Candace. It was so good to get to see her for a few hours!

Kate and I got a Starbucks for the road at Target and set off on our way home. Just a couple potty stops and a DQ stop in Kennewick and we were home by 11pm!
The drive went by fast with great conversation with a dear friend!

We both agreed that we wouldn't want to attempt that kind of a day every weekend, but it was a fun adventure for one day!!
Thanks Kate for the fun day and willingness to go! :)

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Countrylivn' said...

I SO need an Ikea trip! It doesnt get much better than that! Glad you had a great time, cant wait to see your progress this week on the basement!!