April 12, 2012

.10 on….12?!.

My 10 on 10 post is a few days late this month. Hope you’ll forgive me. The reason why is…

1. Cheer tryouts for 2012-2013 were tonight. We had practice on Monday and Tuesday after school and then tryouts tonight. It makes for a long week, but it’s good that it’s “one and done.” As we were walking out tonight, Karlye and I remembered that we didn’t take a picture! DARN! We have a great group of girls for next year! It will be my SIXTH year coaching! Woah! I never thought I’d coach more than one year when I started!

2. Our last regular Beta meeting for this year was on Tuesday night. We have two more parties, but this was our last meeting. Mom and Melissa lead the program and taught us how to make these cute scarves:


3. Our basement is slowly but surely making progress…the carpet got ripped out today and the whole thing was painted earlier this week. I’m hoping to get back to IKEA next weekend to pick up the shelves we need. Crossing my fingers that we’ll get to move back into the craft room ASAP! I’m tired of everything I want to use being in that dumb container!

4. I’m pretty excited about celebrating little Miss Kamryn’s 2nd birthday this weekend! Her momma and I texted back and forth this morning about some crafty decorations to make to fit with the Finding Nemo theme!

5. I’ve got my eye on a new wallet…I’ve looked at them at Nordstrom before and last night, Karlye & I stopped in at Heritage and there it was! Maybe a sign?!
Just can’t decide what color to get! Patent or soft leather? Pink or black? Oh the decisions!


6. Samson has been panting for no reason lately and makes me kinda worried…any input?

7. It took me 2 1/2 days to figure out what I was doing at work before Spring Break….now I finally figured it out and it I have no umph to do it! I’ve been working on letters of recommendation, the cheer tryouts, scheduling, and more scheduling!

8. Next week is Spring Fling at school – a spring Homecoming. I got the email yesterday with the dress up days and got SUPER excited to see pajama day on Monday! YAY! The other days are College Day, Hawaiian Day, Neon Day (thank god for 80’s accessories!), and Eagle Spirit Day!

9.  There is dirt moving down at the football field – FINALLY the concession stand and bathrooms are being built! YAY! This will be a huge improvement!

10. Looking forward to Thursday night TV – Grey’s Anatomy and a new show we’re enjoying: Missing with Ashley Judd. Revenge starts again next week (!) and maybe WIP Wednesday will begin again too. Let’s hope!

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