April 16, 2012

.abracadabra...bathroom redo.

So, you know how one thing leads to another? In the process of picking things out for the basement, my Mom and I decided to work on the bathrooms too. Gluttons for punishment!

My bathroom is stuck in the 80's with its lovely peach & country blue wallpaper and laminate flooring. I can't wait to make some changes!

I want to go for a frilly, chic feel with gray, white, light blue, and black...crystals, ruffles, and scalloped edges.

Starting with this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters...

This is the paint color I think I've decided on. It's called "Abracadabra" by Olympic.

I like these knobs for hanging a hand towel.

I saw this on etsy--love it! It goes with the style I'm aiming for...

So now you know my inspiration pieces...if you see anything you think I should know about, please let me know! I'm still looking for lights to go above the vanity and a globe light for the ceiling. Not sure what to do about the oak cabinets...paint or keep??


melissa said...

Paint! White or black:) maybe We'll have leftover from the shelves...?

melissa said...

P.s. I cannot wait to see it...I'm loving that style right now!:)

Countrylivn' said...

paint! I am thinking white it will go good with your other colors, we have black in our kids bathroom and it always has toothpaste down the front of it, of course you are probably a better aim then my kids and that wouldnt be a prob, It is going to be DARling, either way!

Jessica said...

oh my goodness i love that shower curtain. it looks like you ladies are having so much fun. i need some major re-dos over here too if you wanna come over:)