April 14, 2012

.kamryn turned 2!.

How is it possible that this bundle of energy, cuteness, and joy is already TWO years old?!


Her super talented Grammacamera took these adorable pictures that perfectly captured Kamryn’s personality!


This is my favorite out of all of them!


We celebrated BIG today! I got to help Beth and Kate with decorations and preparations before the party. We decorated cute turtle cupcakes to go with the Finding Nemo theme. They had everything looking so adorable!

Nick made delicious kabobs – straight from Europe! It was such a fun afternoon, celebrating our favorite girl!

She loved her birthday. She LOVED her presents and wanted to play with item as soon as she opened it. Present opening was extended to before dinner and after dinner to accommodate the birthday girl. :)

 photo 1

Cards were intriguing…and rip-able, so very very fun!

 photo 2

The hit of the evening was her gift from Amie and Papa (Dave and Karen) – a Kamryn-sized digital camera. She loved it! Her hands aren’t big enough to hold the camera and take a picture at the same time, so she’d look through the view finder, then hold the camera down to be able to take the picture. Then she’d look at the screen and say “oh man!”

 photo 3

 photo 4

 photo 5

The funniest moment was when she was taking a picture of a stuffed animal my Mom was holding. My Mom turned the animal upside down, to tease Kamryn, but she outsmarted my Mom by turning the camera upside down! Smartie pants!

We loved celebrating Kamryn’s birthday. I am not kidding when I say that she brings so much joy to everyone around her. She had us smiling and laughing all afternoon. She is also beyond smart! Kate said that at her well-child, the doctor asked if she knew 20 words. Twenty words?! Heck, she knows 20 animals and their sounds, 20 numbers in English and Spanish, 20 people’s names, 20 letters, all her colors, and much much more! I can’t wait to see what 3 brings! 

I hope she doesn’t grow out of her “hugz!” Kate and Nick have taught her to say goodbye whenever they leave and give hugs and kisses. She is so good about giving hugs and kisses to everyone in the room (especially when she’s in a good mood!). She says “HUGZ!” I love it and it melts my heart every time. And when she says “Mah-cie!” I’m so lucky to get to see her at least once a week – I totally miss her when I don’t get to see her for a good period of time! So blessed to have her in my life and to get to be her godmother!

xoxo Kamryn!

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melissa said...

those pictures are so adorable!!! she is such a joy:)