September 1, 2011

.eagles nest bbq.

Tonight was the annual Eagles Nest BBQ to kick off school and the fall sports seasons. It’s a fun opportunity to see people after the summer.
Look at this little cheerleader that came for the party!
eagles nest bbq (1)
 eagles nest bbq (2)
Our combined teams of football and basketball cheerleaders performed a cheer/dance combo. They did awesome! 
We didn’t get to do the stunt combo like we’d originally planned. The timing for practicing as a whole group just isn’t there between fair, other sport commitments, and crazy schedules before school starts.
No matter – I think the routine was great without it!
eagles nest bbq (3) eagles nest bbq (4) eagles nest bbq (5)   eagles nest bbq (8)    eagles nest bbq (12)   eagles nest bbq (15)
The girls are going to perform this routine tomorrow at the Pep Assembly.
Can’t wait for the first game tomorrow night vs. Othello! Here we go!

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Jessica said...

Looks fun. I was thinking about you guys tonight.