September 10, 2011

.chs football @ Chelan.

Yesterday, we made the long long trip to Chelan for the football game. We left school at 2:30pm and got home at 1:30am. We were about half way between Othello and Moses Lake when Melissa finally realized where we were going! “Chelan…as in Lake Chelan? Stop the car. Let me out! I don’t want to go all the way to CHELAN!” Exactly – which is why I’d been dreading the trip since I saw the schedule last spring!

We got there and I checked the weather – really?! 95 degrees at 6:45pm? As we drove by the lake, people were boating, kayaking, and swimming – that would’ve been much more enjoyable!

photo 4

The two teams of cheerleaders meeting…

photo 1 

Our team for the night:
Carly, Sommer, Madison, Kayla
Allyson and Selena

photo 3 

Not a very exciting game. CHS won, 35-0. 

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