September 23, 2011

.taco truck and other highlights of the week.

This week was one of those busy ones without really doing anything super exciting. Mom & I hosted a Longaberger party on Monday night, we went to a benefit dinner for a family that had a house fire on Tuesday, went to a counselor workshop on Wednesday, volleyball game on Thursday, and football game on Friday. Hoping to get some quilting done this weekend!!

On Thursday before the volleyball game, Melissa, Karlye, & I went to the Taco Truck for dinner. I love love love the Taco Truck. I could go every day – not kidding. My new favorite thing there is the chicken nachos, no beans. I could have that for every meal. Not joking!!

photo 1

What did we do before the taco truck??!

 photo 2

Today I got a great surprise at work! My friend Shannah texted and said she was 25 minutes away from Connell and could she stop by the school for a quick hi?! Um, yes please! We haven’t seen each other in about 5 years, so we were long overdue for a visit! (Unfortunately for me, today was one of those bad-headache-and-I-look-like-crap sorta day…go figure.) It was so fun to see her and her momma Jan and to meet her little guy Cale. Made my day!

 photo 3

I got my hair cut and colored after school – new cut and I think I kinda like it! We’ll see when I have to do it myself!

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