September 18, 2011

.birthday weekend in Spokane.

The Heider family gathered in Spokane yesterday to celebrate Grandma’s 80th birthday and Mark’s 54th birthday! We had some surprises in store for Grandma, so it made for a fun weekend!

Mom, Dad, Melissa, Grandma, and I got to Spokane on Saturday afternoon and made a few stops at Northtown, Ulta, DSW, and Dress Barn.

We surprised Grandma by pulling up to the Davenport Tower to stay for the night! We got ready for dinner and then went to Mark & Kim’s room for a little pre-dinner fun.



The birthday kids!


We met the rest of the clan at Anthony’s for dinner (another surprise for Grandma!)…

This was her reaction when she heard the music that “she just loves…”

photo 3

…and so Amber asked her to dance…

photo 4

and then Mark cut in. Grandma loved it!

 photo 5

We were the usual loud, fun group! :)

photo 1

Laughing, joking, hanging spoons from our noses…we know how to have a good time!

2 (2)

Jackie and Grandma – maybe they’re talking about becoming Great-Grandmas again?! Paige surprised us all with the news that she and David are having a baby in April! (I hope that I’m not spilling the beans – I hate finding out info like that on Facebook!)

 2 (3)

some cute pairs…

photo 2



We sung the obligatory happy birthday and they blew out their candle!

 3 (1)

3 (3)

 3 (2)

It may haven take 2 tries to get a good picture. :)


On Sunday morning, we all gathered again for brunch at Luna, a restaurant Craig shared with us. It was so cute and delish too!


The grandkids…missing Melissa, Paige, Kevin & Tiffany since they all went home after dinner last night.


Vicky and Grandma


Mom trying Grandma’s birthday dessert with the salt and pepper tiny spoon!


Grandma and her kids


And the birthday kids with one more birthday treat!



After brunch, Dad took us to Nordstrom for a little bit to get our fix while we were in Spokane. What a good dad!

I hope Grandma and Mark had a great birthday weekend! It was fun to celebrate with them!     

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Mikaela said...

You guys are always having such fun together. I love reading about your family gatherings. Your grandma never seems to age. Come to think of it, neither does your mom! I hope to look as good as your grandma when I'm 80. Glad you all had a nice time together.