August 30, 2011

.melissa’s turns…27!.

Today Melissa turned 27 years old!!

The cheerleaders gave Melissa a fistful of nail polish and they did a little Cupid Shuffle dancing to wrap up practice.


We had our family and some friends over for dinner tonight. We attempted to make pulled pork sandwiches for the first time – Melissa’s favorite!

My Dad got her this ice cream cake from Dairy Queen…I’m not sure what was so funny! My Mom said it was probably the first time my Dad has ever bought Melissa a birthday cake…and I teased him that it was a good thing it wasn’t for me since he doesn’t know how to spell my name correctly! (He sent me a text a few months ago beginning with “Marci…” Seriously?!)



I got her a Keurig for her new classroom – I think she loves it!


Kamryn was the star of the show! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter and so much fun!

She gives Eskimo kisses…


and Melissa is teaching her to make faces!







My Mom kept saying, “Melissa KOCH!!” (as in “Melissa Koch! Knock that off! Stop teaching her bad things!”)


Melissa wanted pictures with the family…(since I’ve gotten a new camera I’ve turned into her personal photographer! Just joking, Melissa!)

 IMG_0678 IMG_0679 

Karlye and I made this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip that Melissa & I had seen on Pinterest. It didn’t turn out as great as it sounds, but it’s still pretty good. Amber was lovin’ it… :)

IMG_0683 IMG_0684 IMG_0685  IMG_0687 IMG_0688   

Happy Birthday Melissa. I hope this year brings you the most happiness and the best health yet – and that you felt loved and celebrated today!  

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Jessica said...

you had me at cookie dough dip....