September 18, 2011

.friday football vs. Cashmere.

On Friday we decided to try something new and spelled out “CHS” with styrofoam cups in the fence. We thought it was going to take a long time, so we thought we’d start nice and easy with “CHS” – but it only took us 10 minutes, so maybe next time we can add a few more letters! The girls thought it was pretty cool – and so did I! :)

photo 1

Kamryn came over while Kate was at practice. She started to get sleepy and laid down by Samson. So cute!

photo 3

Here’s the view from the hill – great placement!


The girls got to wear their new warmups! Love them!


The band tried something new on Friday – they marched out onto the track and then continued to march around the track. The cheerleaders joined them on the track. The whole group stopped halfway around and the band played a song while the cheerleaders danced along to it. Maybe the beginning of a new tradition?!

IMG_0790   IMG_0793   IMG_0796 IMG_0797    IMG_0801       

The pre-game was definitely more exciting than the actual game. I’m not sure what it is about Cashmere, but our boys can’t seem to beat them! The final score was 14-47 or something like that.

After the first touchdown Cashmere made, I said to Melissa, “why isn’t the band playing the fight son?!” Then she told me it was because Cashmere had scored not us. Oh yeah – I’m not used to that!! We’re so spoiled by our great football team – it’s weird when they’re not winning!

Next week we travel to Ki-Be. Watch out Bears! Here we come!

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