August 26, 2011

.melissa’s classroom.

Melissa got word last Friday that she was able to begin unpacking her classroom at the new Connell Elementary. I met her and Mom there when I was done working and we unpacked boxes until 8:30pm!

One week later, her classroom is ready for 2nd graders!

Here’s a tour for you…

The bulletin board outside her classroom


The view from the door


Mailboxes for the students


The sink area (her art supplies are in these cabinets)…and I love the clipboard bucket.


The student’s cubbies for backpacks and coats.


The counter area, looking out onto the playground.


The library! I think she needs some pillows or something!


One of the decorated windowsills….do you recognize that 2nd grader?!


This is the Meeting Place wall – it’s part of their Math curriculum that they do everyday.


She found this on Pinterest and made it her own!


The math manipulatives – so organized!


The whiteboard area.


I made her this cross stitch a few years ago!


The Star of the Week area – a different student will be highlighted each week!


Melissa’s desk – I am so jealous! I think her desk area is bigger than my whole office!


She has it decorated so cute!

IMG_0607 IMG_0608

The view from Melissa’s desk.


The student desks are triangle shaped – interesting idea, but it looks like they’ll work well!


All ready for the students on Monday!


Melissa and her co-worker Sarah made these today (borrowed from an idea she saw on Pinterest).


They punched these scalloped circles out, laminated them, and wrote on them with Vis-a-Vis markers. They attached them to a clothespin and hot glued the clothespin to a push pin. It will be a place for them to put wet art work or to display other outstanding papers. They made them for all the 2nd graders. So cute!


Students come on Monday and I think she’s ready! It will be an exciting year!

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Jessica said...

i miss back to school.....not that anything i did was cute like that:)