August 15, 2011

.what a disaster.

While we were at the lake, I asked Melissa to go to the craft room to grab some things to bring with her when she came. Thank God I always forget things because if Melissa hadn’t of gone to the craft room we really would’ve had a di-sa-ster.

This is what she found when she got into the craft room….

photo 3

Apparently our hot water heater had been slowly leaking and finally had saturated the ceiling tile, which then fell onto my crafting space along with a bunch of water. YUCK.

That was about 10 days ago. Mom wiped down the walls, counter, and floor today and I surveyed the damage. The majority of the damage was to my pattern binders. I have two 3-ring binders with quilt, table runner, apron, bag, misc patterns in individual page protectors (one pattern in one protector). I have an unnatural obsession with these patterns and I am very proud of my collection. I almost cried when I saw that many of my patterns were saturated beyond repair. Like this:

photo 2

The ones that were only slightly damaged and wet on the corners, I took out of the page protector and laid them out on my counter. I’ll have to put them into new page protectors tomorrow.  Oh – and of course, the majority of the patterns that fell into this category are my Thimble Blossoms patterns which are my VERY favorite. VERY. FAVORITE.

photo 1

The ones that were completely ruined like the one above – I’ll have to replace. Luckily the majority of the ones that were ruined the worst were free tutorials that I’d printed from the internet. I replaced most of those this afternoon. There are just a few that I’d gotten from quilt shops that I might just have to re-type.

AH! What an awful thing to come home to. As my Mom keeps saying, it could’ve been worse…and it could’ve been MUCH worse. I have lots of fabric around the room that is not in containers and even some quilt sandwiches that need to be quilted on a chair. This is just annoying and time consuming to fix – but it isn’t devastating.

I guess.

If you only knew how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my pattern collection…you’d cry big crocodile tears with me.


The Wieselers said...

So very sad! Want to take my binder for awhile so u can make copies?

Countrylivn' said...

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear! Hope you get things put back together soon!