August 22, 2011

.kevin and tiffany.

Saturday was the wedding of my cousin Kevin Cochrane to Tiffany Huston. It was fun to be with family – I love a good party with my cousins!
These are from before the ceremony….
Karlye and Louise, my cousin Lisa’s daughter
Our favorite Pastor Steve, who officiated the ceremony…
Amber – lookin’ beautiful and grown up!
Amber and Paige
The handsome groomsmen -
Alex, Rob, Dennis, David, and Isidro
The bridesmaids-
Steve and Kevin
Tiffany and Kevin
Karlye & LIsa reading scriptures…
Lighting the unity candle…
Paige and David – the old married couple. :)
Craig – we teased him that he must’ve taken lessons from his brother-in-law Jon, the secret service agent!
After the ceremony – let the fun begin!
Karlye and Melissa
plus me…
and add Amber!
The four of us with my Grandma’s brother Larry…
Craig and Larry
Melissa and Craig…the “twins” as my Mom called them!
oh my GAWSH!
Larry and Grandma Marcial
plus Craig
Aw – sister and brother!
Lisa and Craig
Melissa and Karlye (someone got ahold of my camera!)
oh dear.
Kim, my Mom, and I
oh. jeez. It’s a little early for that, isn’t it?!
Karlye is a bad influence! ;) just jokin’ Kar!
Kim, me, my Mom, and Karlye
me, Louise, and Melissa
The wedding was at the bride’s parent’s home which overlooks Mt. Rainier. Mom was in heaven.
Frances was ready for a nap….weren’t we all!
my aunts - Kim and Vicky
Kim, Vicky, and my Mom
Lisa and Frances
Louise and Grandma Vicky
Melissa, Lisa, and Karlye
my Mom and Melissa
Congratulating the groom…
The reception…
straight from Franklin County – Heider wheat!
Grandma at the reception
The centerpieces
and the head table…
Kevin and Tiffany making their grand entrance
1st dance
Amber – let’s get this party started!
Kevin and Larry
The reception tent
and the cake…
Louise and Great-Grandma Marcial
Mark and Kim!
Kim and Karlye
the Jo’s – Mom and Karlye
Grandma and Karlye
Louise and Grandma!
Melissa and Amber
and Dennis
the Heider cousins…where did these crazy kids come from??!
That’s better…. :)
plus Grandma
Melissa and I – It was so hot that night – I wish someone had told me my bangs were retard-o!
Grandma and Lisa
Craig, Grandma, and Lisa
Melissa and Grandma
someone’s getting told!
Louise and Larry
Kevin and I
Kevin and Grandma
Uncle Craig and Louise
Frances had enough – the grass looks like a good bed!

Amber and I
Frances found a place to rest under the table!
KayLynn Mejia and Melissa
what is happening?!
photo bomb!
Karlye and Louise
Mom and Dad tied for the longest couple married at the wedding….almost 35 years!
Amber, Melissa, and Alex
so this is planking?!
We danced the night away and closed it down – only the Heider’s are notorious for being the last ones at any gathering. :)
Congratulations Kevin and Tiffany!

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Countrylivn' said...

very nice, I just love weddings it looks like you and your fam know how to partA! What a beautiful ceremony, thanks for sharing!