August 15, 2011

.boating and surfing.

I have so many pictures to share from our last week at the Lake, I’ll split them into a  few posts. You’re welcome. :)

I was so so so excited for Nick, Kate, and Kamryn to come spend their week at Priest Lake. They stayed at the Baumann Bungalow at Cavanaugh Bay but we spent everyday playing and having fun. It was the best!

Nick and Kate brought their boat, so it was great to be able to get out on the water and really enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Melissa and Kate (our lovely little place by the lake is behind them on the right).


Kamryn and I were boating buddies. She did great on the boat – it usually put her to sleep within 15 minutes!


Captain NIck


Nick and Kate like to surf behind their boat. It’s pretty cool to watch! Kate is a pro!IMG_0280


We were trying to teach Kamryn to sign I Love You to Kate…didn’t quite get it yet, but it was fun trying!


My Mom rode the jet ski around the boat – she had a great time jumping the waves and playing around. So much fun!


Kate taught Melissa to surf too – she did great and got up on the first try!



I love this picture!


When we got back to shore, Mom took Kamryn on a little spin on the jet ski around our bay. She loved it


and especially loved the whistle!


A few days later, my Mom brought my Grandma and Uncle Larry up to the lake so Nick took them on a boat ride. 


More surfing…


This is how Kamryn stayed occupied most of the boat ride. On the wrists, off the wrists, on the feet, off the feet.


Nick got a turn surfing too!

IMG_0398 IMG_0405

Uncle Larry rode the jet ski back to our place with my Mom – sounds like they took a tumble into the water at one point. :)


More pictures of our week to come!

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