August 27, 2011

. back to school wreath.

Thanks to my new love, Pinterest, I found this cute idea for a ruler wreath from The Polkadot Chair blog. It looked like it was something I could make on my own!

I found some rulers at Target in the school supply section…I LOVE LOVE LOVE school supplies but I HATE HATE HATE trying to shop around moms that are arguing with their kids about what school supplies are really important. This particular mom was not budging from her spot in front of the rulers. Any item her daughters would bring that weren’t generic were met with a “you’ll have to pay me back for that!” from the mom. Way to spoil the school shopping experience for all of us.

I asked my Dad to cut the rulers in half and got to work!

Here’s the finished product:

ruler wreath (2)

This one is for Melissa’s door.

 ruler wreath (1)

I used more primary colors to go along with her room decor. I hope she likes it!

 photo 1

 photo 2

This one is for my office door. My office is more sage, crimson, and muted colors.

   ruler wreath (3)

The quote on the tag says “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

ruler wreath (4)

 ruler wreath (5)

Happy back to school!

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