July 31, 2011

.another week at the Lake.

We got to do some of our favorite things while at the lake this past week. Melissa’s friend Nichole came to spend some time with us. It was kinda overcast and rainy the first few days but then it warmed up and was beautiful toward the end of the week.

Mom & I joined Lois and Susie Strohmaier at the Chico’s Style Show at Hill’s Resort. Mom & I went last year and had a great time so it was even more fun to share with friends this year!


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Poor Samson whines and cries when he’s left inside and everyone else is outside. He is so neglected.

IMG_0123 IMG_0124

We took Nichole to Sushi Wednesday – of course! My California Roll was so pretty – including the wasabi flower! It was one of the most fun nights at Hill’s this summer. The crowd was really fun and the music was great – as always!

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This is what we have to do to Samson when other dogs come by the house. Our place is right on the road alongside the boat launch so there are many dogs each day going by. The association has a leash “law” but visitors don’t always follow it and come onto our lawn. You can imagine how territorial Samson and Coco are. When we cover Samson’s eyes, he doesn’t whine and bark as much.

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Other random photos from this week:

Samson lookin’ cute on the couch and on the outside chair…

   pl2 (1)

pl2 (4)

My quilting projects….

 pl2 (2)

 pl2 (3)

Our favorite new drink is this “root beer float” with root beer, Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, a little milk, and ice. YUM!

  pl2 (5)

We trekked over to Cavanaugh’s for dinner on Friday night. We had a perfect view of the sunset and enjoyed the live singer while we played Progressive Rummy and had dinner.

pl (4)

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Nichole was determined to get her name on our Progressive Rummy winners board so we played probably 6 or 7 times…poor girl, her name STILL isn’t on the board!
She and Melissa spent a lot of time repurposing jeans, t-shirts, and clothes found at the Coolin Maul (dump). They were very proud of their creations!

We’re back to the lake tomorrow. Dad gets to be there this week, finally! I’m also really looking forward to Nick, Kate, and Kamryn coming on Wednesday night. We did some meal planning today and are ready for a fun week ahead!

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