January 29, 2011

{ friday night}

This Friday night was spent…

evaluating transcripts…
This week was the beginning of second semester, so that meant changing schedules, making sure final grades were posted correctly, processing grades, printing report cards, updating transcripts, and now evaluating transcripts. I got through all 4 grades in about 2 1/2 hours. Now I’ll go through and put that information onto a spreadsheet next week.

photo 2
Thank goodness for Jennifer – she keeps me sane and keeps me laughing when life gets stressful! We always do a great job of making fun of ourselves when we screw things up – and thank goodness it’s always reversible! Smile

I wanted to get those transcripts done, so I could spend the rest of the weekend doing fun things, like…

making more of these!

photo 1

and cutting fabric…and cutting fabric…and cutting fabric!

photo 3

I cut fabric for my next 4 quilts – including a Buggy Barn quilt! Yes, ladies, I took the plunge. Not only did I buy the kit, but I actually cut into it!

Now I’m ready to go for our craft retreat next weekend!

project boxes


Melissa said...

Ok, time for me to make a cute zipper pouch!!!! Are you tutoring on it yet?

Tamara said...

Marcie -
Where did you get the handle for your ruler? Is it attached to it or can you remove it? I want one!