January 23, 2011

{ round two }


This afternoon, I read about a dozen blog tutorials on zippered pouches and watched some more YouTube videos. I decided I was ready for round two.

In less time than it took to watch an episode of “Holly’s World,” I made this:

photo 1

photo 2

YAY! This was much easier than the first try. I might even be able to help you make one of your own! And now, I must return to JoAnn’s tomorrow to buy more zippers. Smile

1 comment:

David and Kira said...

SWEET!! I know how it is with directions. I am such a visual person and just reading something (even pictures sometimes) don't help! I have gone to the internet many times to see how to sew invisible zippers. What did our mom's do without the internet?? They are life savers!

And thank goodness for however takes the time to actually video those things! It's hard enough doing it without someone watching!