January 18, 2011

{ dream on }

My quilting idol, Camille (p.s. we just became Facebook friends today...REALLY?! pretty darn excited over here!), posted a blog yesterday about dreams. She shared about her dream 3 years ago to design quilt patterns and fabric…which she has done, quite successfully, in my opinion!
She urged readers to share their dreams – which I did. I realized I’d never shared my dream on my own blog –
Here’s what I posted on Camille’s blog:
Since I was about 20, my dream has been to open a coffee shop/cafe in my little hometown. There is no where here for people to just hang out - that's warm and cozy and welcoming. I would love to have the little shop that has coffee, treats, big comfy couches & oversize chairs. My family even has land and I have a name for it - "Holy Grounds." The land I would put it on was the site of my Dad's auto electric shop. Ten years ago, it caught on fire and he was inside. He survived with 58% burns - he is a true miracle. Many factors complicated his situation and he was not expected to live through that. I would put my "Holy Grounds" coffee shop on the site where his shop once was.
Since I began quilting 2 years ago - my dream has expanded to include something quilty in that coffee shop...maybe fabric, maybe just a place to put my quilts that I love to make.
Hopefully dreams do come true!
This truly is my dream…which I hope one day I will see come true. When I was in college and this dream was developing, I spent time in class – not doodling or day dreaming, but drawing logos, furniture arrangements, etc.  I accumulated quite a file of plans. Since college, I haven’t thought about it as much as I did back then. Every once in a while, it’ll cross my mind and I’ll day dream for a little while about it. It sounds like a pretty cool space to hang out in!


Jessica said...

I am not sure why I have not been looking at blogs these days, but I finally got caught up. I LOVE YOUR ZIG ZAGS!!! So cute. I think the quilting will look great...I am glad you are doing it and not me:) ALSO, I love your coffee dream. What a fun idea. I cannot believe I have never heard anything about little secret keeper:) That would be so fun. It would need to have jumbo cookies and brownies. Remember the jumbo cookies from the quilt show at the barn??? YUM!!! You could totally do may have to stop buying quilting fabric for a while though... :) I had a blast with you the other day..I cannot wait to retreat!!!

Brooke and Kris G said...

DO IT! Connell would love it!

Mikaela said...

What a great dream Marcie! You should include fabrics, etc. You could become the new Thread Shop...was that what it was called? Do you remember it?

Tamara said...

Shut Up, I LOVE Camille, I just bought her book on Amazon. Love, love, love your coffee shop idea. My dream is to move back home, hang out, talk quilts and knit in your comfy cafe.