January 5, 2011

{ day 3 }

#3: Post a picture of you and your friends

I’m lucky to have lots of friends from many different parts of my life…

This is my friend Tracy – my oldest & dearest friend. We have been friends since my Mom tried to steal her when we were 3. True story. We shared birthday parties, church camp, tween drama, and even college together. We don’t get to see each other often anymore, but I still count her as my dearest friend.


These are my friends from my graduating high school class at our 10-year reunion. I love these girls! Some of them I went to school with since kindergarten! I can be myself around them. Our unspoken bond is deep. I know that they will support me no matter what.


These are my Beta friends – and some of my closest friends at this time in my life. They make life a lot of fun and are always up for a good time! I am thankful for their friendship and support. I love sharing life with them.


This is my college roommate Andrea! We were in Vegas at the same time this last June and met up for lunch. I learned a lot from Andrea – she exposed me to the city life that this small town girl had not experienced. French presses, Anthropologie, Thai food, Nutella – I learned from Andrea. We spent many nights watching The Amazing Race, The Osbournes, Sex & the City, and Real World together when we should’ve been doing homework. My only college friend to break the Big 3? Andrea. Smile I was boring in college, but I lived vicariously through Andrea!


Jessica! Jess and I went to jr high and high school together, but weren’t friends. We just didn’t hang in the same crowd. When I started working at CHS, she was already a seasoned teacher. I was intimidated by her – just not knowing what she thought of me and trying to make a good impression. Somewhere in my 1st year at CHS, we clicked and we decided to coach football cheer together the following year. The rest is history!


This is my friend Jen – who’s just one part of the fabulous friends I gained in graduate school. Right after we graduated, she moved to Minnesota and we have only gotten to see each other a few times since then. She is so encouraging and supportive and keeps me laughing! I admire her for reaching her goals even when the path is difficult. I can’t find the picture of Jen and I with our other grad school friend, Jody – but she is also one of the best parts of my graduate program. (My degree, which led to my job, and Jen and Jody. Thanks Whitworth!) Jody has such a deep faith and her gentle personality inspires me. She also is very encouraging and gives great advice. And great hugs.


Last, but not least, my sister & cousins. They are my best friends. I am truly thankful to have them not only as family, but also as friends. *heart them*

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Jessica said...

Intimidated by ME....I am the biggest dork on the planet:) Good thing you got over it because I LOVE YOU!!!!!