November 22, 2010

...snow? welcome to Connell!...

One of the reasons I really love where I live is that none of the seasons are too extreme. Sure, it gets to 100+ in July/August, but with no humidity. Sure, it gets to 0 in the winter, but usually not much snow.
Well - the predictions this fall were that we were going to have a bad winter and guess what? Mother Nature isn't wasting her time.
It started snowing and blowing last night around 10:30pm. I figured we'd have a 2-hour delay. I got the call around 5:25am - and couldn't go back to sleep. Awesome.
As today went on, it got colder, it snowed, the sky got darker...and surprise! Practice was cancelled!!
About 45 minutes ago, we got the message that there's at least a 2-hour delay tomorrow!
There's a winter storm warning until 10am tomorrow. On the news, they're showing 7" of snow and we're supposed to get 3-7" more! WOW!
Right now, it's so dark outside, I can't see the street lights. It's snowing pretty hard.
I'm snuggled up on the couch, under a new quilt, with Samson - coffee is brewing, downloaded a new CD - I could be here for a while! :) I hate making up days in June, but oh, snow days are so enjoyable in the moment.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% marcie...I hate making up school in June. But while were living in the moment, I do love snow days!! My fingers are crossed (:

Jessica said...

You could come play in the snow ALL day with Emersyn....I would have rather gone to school:) Just kidding she was amazingly cute and excited and it was fun....until I got cold....