November 28, 2010

…on to the championships!…

I have to admit, I was dreading going to this football game all day Saturday. It snowed/rained/sleeted in the morning, so I was not excited about having to drive the cheerleaders to Kennewick…or drive the suburban home. Plus, it was hovering in the 24 degree range. Yuck Yuck Double Yuck.

Since it was so cold and could possibly rain or snow, Melissa & I told the girls they could wear their boots to keep warm especially since we weren’t going to be stunting in that kind of weather. They were pretty excited about that!

vs Omak 11-27 (8)

vs Omak 11-27 (6)

The photographer from the Tri-City Herald was there, so I borrowed his pictures from their photo gallery. You can see how much snow is on the sidelines! There was a crew of people from Kennewick that broke the ice up and shoveled off the snow from the field and the stands last Wednesday. It was crazy to see big piles of snow in the stands! I’ve been to Lampson in the pouring rain a time or two, but never in snow and ice! My feet got the most cold last night (5 layers of pants and 5 layers of shirts actually does keep you fairly warm!) but I figured it was because they were resting directly on ice!

vs Omak 11-27 (1)

vs Omak 11-27 (2)

The boys played a great game despite the cold and won, 55-21!

vs Omak 11-27 (7)

The celebration begins! We’re going “home to the Dome!” It will be the 4th time in 5 years that our football team has played in the championship game. We’ll be playing against Cascade Christian again – a rematch of 2009!

vs Omak 11-27 (3)

This is the team that could make school history next week by winning 2 state championships back to back!

vs Omak 11-27 (10)

Check out all that snow!! This Riner kid was having a great time running around in it, throwing snowballs up and breaking them with his head, throwing snowballs at the football players and into the heater.

vs Omak 11-27 (4)

Maybe the smartest boys on the team – standing in front of the heater! Smile

vs Omak 11-27 (5)

So the plan is to leave on Friday (hopefully early afternoon to get over the pass in the daylight). The game is at 10am on Saturday at the Tacoma Dome. The girls will be working on a new dance/stunt routine this week – pulling out all the stops! With all the excitement at school, it should be a fun week!

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