November 20, 2010

…a win over Chelan…for the second time!…

Today, the Eagles of Connell travelled to Moses Lake to play football against the Goats of Chelan. These two teams first met back in September when Chelan came to Connell to get stomped on.

Beating a team twice in one year isn’t easy. Especially Chelan. Connell was the only team they’d lost to all season. They even beat Cashmere, who beat Connell (follow that?!).

 vs Chelan 11-20 (17)

Guess what? Those Goats didn’t stand a chance against our Eagles. We won, 41-6!
The 2010 Eagles made it to the Semi-Finals!! One more game to go before we’re back in the Tacoma Dome! YEAH!!

On to the fun stuff – the cheerleaders!

When we found out that we’d be playing in Moses Lake, the girls that were on the team last year remembered that they’d get to cheer on boxes! This is pretty exciting for them – but scary too. Smile They practiced jumping and cheering quite a bit before the game and by the time it started, they looked like pros!

vs Chelan 11-20 (3)

Here’s each of our squad members – I don’t think I’ve introduced them individually before!

This is April, our captain!

vs Chelan 11-20 (4)


vs Chelan 11-20 (5)


vs Chelan 11-20 (7)


vs Chelan 11-20 (8)


vs Chelan 11-20 (9)


vs Chelan 11-20 (10)


vs Chelan 11-20 (11)

They were bundled up tight this afternoon and it was still chilly. At least it didn’t snow like the forecast predicted!

vs Chelan 11-20 (12)

vs Chelan 11-20 (13)

I’m glad we have another week together – and hopefully two! Smile

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John and Karie said...

Go fight beat the goats!! Ha ha I remember playing them. Your cheerleaders look amazing!! Good job coach! :) hopefully I'll be able to go to the game next week and see you and your girls!!!