November 7, 2010

…another win!…

Before the game on Friday, I got to spend a couple hours with this sweetie. She had a great time playing with her toys and Samson!

vs Naches 11-5 (3)

vs Naches 11-5 (2)

The football game on Friday was a crossover against Naches – winner to state.

vs Naches 11-5 (4)

The fun thing about playing Naches? Getting to watch Chris Walker play QB! He’s number 18 in white. He did a great job!

vs Naches 11-5 (5)

The cheerleaders got to use the gold poms since we’re in playoffs now. This is VERY exciting! Smile I never can manage to catch that darn “H"!

vs Naches 11-5 (6)vs Naches 11-5 (7)

The girls got to do a lot of stunts – which we’re all happy about!

vs Naches 11-5 (1)

vs Naches 11-5 (11)

vs Naches 11-5 (10)

They got to do a basket toss a time or two at the end of the fight song.
The got to do the fight song a time…or two…or three… Smile

vs Naches 11-5 (8)

They also got to be on the news!! They were the cute cheerleaders saying “and now! Back to the Friday Night Sports Finale!”

vs Naches 11-5 (9)

And finally, they debuted a new dance with two new stunts. I wish I had been keeping track of how many dances they’ve done this season. It’s an impressive number.

This dance had a lot of jumping in it – and it turned out really cool. I’ll post the video when I get it from Melissa.

Of course, we have lovely Mr. Green Jacket sitting RIGHT in front so NO ONE can get a decent picture. SERIOUSLY?! And the gator. Awesome.

(Sorry I missed pictures of your stunt, Madison – I was too busy watching how cool it was!!)

vs Naches 11-5 (12)

vs Naches 11-5 (13)

vs Naches 11-5 (14)

vs Naches 11-5 (15)

vs Naches 11-5 (16)

vs Naches 11-5 (17)

We won the game, 58-6! We’ll be playing again on Saturday at 1pm against Hoquiam at home! YAY! Love home games!

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