November 4, 2010

…it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I love this time of the year. Fall. I love the browns and greens and leaves and cider and candles and kids in Halloween costumes and football playoffs and gold jewelry (I don’t usually wear gold jewelry, but it seems to go with brown and green well.)

I also love this time of the year because I start Christmas shopping and planning for what I’m going to make for gifts. And – one of my favorite parts of planning for Christmas is creating my Christmas cards. I love love love receiving Christmas cards, so I put extra TLC in the ones I send so others can share in the joy of the season.

I’ve used Shutterfly’s services before for photo books, but I did not realize all the other great products they have. Like Halloween and Thanksgiving cards! ( and And I really like these - – because I love the idea of having holiday parties and open houses.

I really really like their photo cards. I’m really into the whimsy look this year for my Christmas cards, so these three jumped out at me:




Which one of these would you like to receive in your mailbox? I love them all! I usually have a goal of getting my cards in the mail by the first of December – because after that things get busy and some things get pushed down the priority list.

My friend Amy is going to take my picture with Samson to use on my Christmas card. Can’t wait! Smile

I’ve looked around on various websites for different Christmas card options – Costco, Snapfish, etc. – but I really like Shutterfly and they have great prices. I’ll totally use their service this year and in the future – and recommend them to my friends!!


Anonymous said...

yea! I love the one with 3 spots for for both you and samson, one of just you, and one of just samson....when are we getting together for pics?! :-)
Amy K

melissa said...

i vote for the 3rd one :)