October 14, 2010

…what a sad day…

I felt a pinch on the skin of my middle finger of my left hand today – looked down – and just about started to cry.

The ring that I’ve worn on that finger for the past 9 years split down the middle!


This ring isn’t fancy, it isn’t loaded with diamonds, it doesn’t glitter – but it is special to me!

I got it at Pike Place Market in October 2001 when we took my Dad on one of his first outings when he was in the hospital at Harborview.

I think it cost $3 from one of the vendors in the market, so it’s not an expensive treasure – but it’s a treasure to me. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of what my Dad & our family survived through.

Not sure what to do about it….I guess I’ll keep wearing it until it pinches me enough times.

and I’ll probably cry myself to sleep tonight. :(


The Wieselers said...

so sad! I am very sentimental about somethings too. I wonder if you could take it to a jeweler to have it repaired, it would cost more than the ring but I bet they could do something...

Jessica said...

Oh no and we were just talking about that for your other ring. We should have kept our mouths shut I guess:) I hate when things that you love are ruined (with me they are usually lost). It is double sad when it has sentimental value.