October 30, 2010

…friday night lights…

I left this little good witch of the East to go to the football game in Finley.good witch kamryn

Since it was our last regular season game and we had a half day of school yesterday, we decided to all go out to dinner together. It’s always a learning experience taking the cheerleaders to dinner. They learn so much – how to pay with a debit card, how to leave a tip, how to act appropriately in a restaurant.

Funny quote from dinner…the waitress told us there was a salsa bar and to help ourselves. Madison shoots up out of her chair and says “Do we have to take our own chips?!”

After dinner, we headed out to Finley. This game has been anticipated since June when these two teams met at summer ball and there was a some shared animosity. We prepped the girls to be good cheerLEADERS and help downplay the bad sportsmanlike behavior. Our crowd did great and were great sports all night! The cheerleaders did a lot of cheers that the crowd can cheer along with (Eagle Power, De-Fense, C-H-S, etc.) but our crowd are terrible cheer-along-ers. C’mon – stand up for the fight song, at least!!


Ronan liked his new gloves with pockets. Smile



We won 46-17 and earned the title of League Champs!! We will host the Naches Rangers next Friday night!

Leaving you with one last picture of our cheerleaders – I’m so proud. Smile They were asked to help at the library Halloween party the other night for the kids in the community. They dressed up like zombie cheerleaders and had a great time!

zombie cheerleaders

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