October 16, 2010

…watch out wahluke…

To say that I was excited to go to Mattawa would be a huge understatement. Mattawa (Wahluke High School) is not my favorite destination – but the girls wore their new pink t-shirts for breast cancer awareness, so there was a highlight!

@wahluke 10-15 (4)

Check out the girls’ amazing array of stunts!

 @wahluke 10-15 (1) @wahluke 10-15 (2) @wahluke 10-15 (3)  @wahluke 10-15 (5) @wahluke 10-15 (6) @wahluke 10-15 (7)

I was definitely NOT prepared for for the cold cold weather! I was soooo cold!

But the team did win – and were ahead by enough at halftime that we got to have a running clock for the second half. Love that.

@wahluke 10-15 (8)

We’re on the lookout for some new stunts to perform during the post season and we’ll be preparing a new dance for the last regular season home game next Friday! Can’t believe we only have 2 regular season games left – but they are two of the biggest – Royal and Riverview! Here we come!

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The McGary's said...

I am already nervous for the game against Royal! I hope the boys don't have big heads because you just never know with Royal. I think Connell is a better team but you just can't underestimate Royal. I have to put up with Royal's comments all the time and they are so ready for this game I think that is what is making me so nervous.